Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap to your destined one

I feel that this illustration that I published last week just fits this week's IF theme.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

If: Multiple II 搖搖乐

  Ate too much during the New Year period, must work out more to get rid of the fat!


大选到了 General Election


  Our General Election is coming soon. How unfair, in all the candidates' statements, no one seems to care about our animals' welfare! I feel so sad about it!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

IF: Multiple (Legend of the Nine Tailed Fox) 九尾狐

  In ancient Chinese tales, fox demons are able to turn into beautiful women,and the one with NINE Tails is the most tempting one for man. Enamored by her beauty, an emperor would neglect his duty of ruling his kingdom, and in time to come, ruin it!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

不速之客 We've got a visitor

  家里來了一隻大公猫,体积有我的三倍大,天天都來报到,一点都不怕生,到处随意走动,态度自然得好像自小在这个家長大一样!Julia 大人放饭,他有时还不屑吃哩,不知在哪吃过了。


  人家赶他,骂他,踢他,他就“啪”的一声趴在地上赖死不走,真是拿他沒办法,只好由得他了!晚上要关门了,他任由阿嫲打骂,死也不肯离开,还得劳动 Julia 大人抱他出去,好好笑!

  We've got a visitor, a big male cat who's triple the size of me! He comes everyday and walks around like he had lived here all his life! We gave him food, but sometimes it's wasted. I guess he might have eaten somewhere else!

  He loves to lie in front of the door and rushes in whenever the door is opened! He's also a bad tempered villain, roaring at me for just sniffing at him, and I returned the gesture with a slap, LOL.

  At night, he refused to leave no matter how we chased him, and just lies on the floor pretending that nothing happened. Julia had no choice but to carry him out at last!

SleepyHead 好好睡喎!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

元宵節,情人節 Chinese Lovers' Day




  Today, the 15th day of the 1st lunar month on Chinese Calendar, is the Lantern Festival. It's also well-known as the Chinese Lovers' Day (Chinese Valentine's Day)!

  In Malaysia, we have a special festival for those who are still searching for their other half. They gather at the river bank, throw tangerines (with their name and contacts on it) into the river, and hopefully their message could go to their destined partner in life! Once again, the Chinese tangerines play a big role in this festive day!
  Learn more about this wonderful festival HERE and HERE!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

IF: Theory

Some people said that talking to plants could help them grow. Any supporting theory???

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

IF: Choose


  A Devil or an Angel, what would you choose to be?
  Well, I think most of the time, we are a mixture of both!

P/S: See me in action, click HERE!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

我的红包 My "Ang Bao"

Auntie Irene 给的红包,右边的是我的,Julia 的是那封大的
Ang Bao from Auntie Irene, the one on the right is mine, the bigger one is for Julia

  哈哈!我拿到一封真正的红包,是新加坡的 Auntie Irene 给的,好幸福呀!谢谢 Auntie Irene!
  I'm so glad to receive a real "Ang Bao" from Auntie Irene. Thank you Auntie Irene, that's so sweet of you!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

新年礼物 My New Year Gift

  Julia 大人发现我很喜欢垫高头睡觉,特地幇我做了这套床和枕头,好好睡哦!


  Julia found out that I love sleeping with something supporting my head, so she made me a bed with a pillow and now I spend most of my time sleeping on it. Sweet dreams...

  I got my New Year "Ang Bao" too, a brand new litter tray, isn't it beautiful?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008



  Best wishes to all who celebrate Chinese New Year tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Prosperous Year 新年旺旺



  Pineapple “黄梨”(pronounce "onn-lai" in "Hokkien" - a Chinese dialect),which means "Here Comes the Prosperity". These pineapple plants in our yard managed to bear fruit before Chinese New Year, I assume that this is a good sign for the coming year. LOL!

Two New Tricks

Jumping through the hula hoop (click on the picture for a bigger view)

  I learnt two new tricks.
  First trick: Julia circles her arm and gets me to jump through.
  Second trick: Pretend to be shot down by her finger gun (only that my eyes are still wide open staring at the food).
  Julia is happy with my talents.
  "Bobo, you really cheer me up, I'm glad to have you here, you are such a precious gift to me." Oh! I'm touched by those wonderful words!
  So I rewarded her with a bonus trick - as she stretched out her arm, I jumped over. Treat it as a New Year bonus, Julia.
  Julia feels that I have learnt enough tricks for her to take a new video. She will put the video up soon.

  第一招,从 Julia 大人圏起的手臂穿过去。
  第二招,Julia 大人用指枪射我时假裝倒地阵亡(不过眼睛是睁大大盯着食物的)。^.^
  Julia 大人终于讲了一句窩心的话。
  “ Bobo,养到你真得很开心。”好感动...。

  所以我自己無師自通加多一招,只要 Julia 大人把手臂伸出去,我就把她的手臂当跳高的桿子跃过去,当作给她的新年花红,逗得她笑嘻嘻,心情好好。
  Julia 大人认为我已筹足戏码可以再次表演给大家看了,所以敬请期待我新的錄影。

Saturday, February 2, 2008

IF: Blanket

Trying to translate this with my limited ability.

A little girl asked her grandma,
Why the little stars blink at night,
Her grandma gently patted her head,
"That's because my little girl is too gorgeous,
For the night is dark,
They need to wink in order to see you clear."

Night falls,
She went to bed with the lights on,
Her mummy wondered why,
"Then only can the stars see me clear!"

Special guests were there in her little sweet dream,
Their gathering around illuminated the dark sky.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Chinese Tangerine

This is a tangerine "桔" (pronounce "ji"), a must have item for Chinese New Year. It shares the same pronunciation with the word "吉", which means "auspicious". We wish that every year comes with an auspicious beginning and the luck will continue throughout the year.
I specially dedicate this BIG "吉" to poor Sherry Rogers who's hurt her thumb. Hopefully this can console her a bit. Best Regards.

祝大家 吉祥如意,万事顺心,添寿添金,大吉大利!