Sunday, February 24, 2008

不速之客 We've got a visitor

  家里來了一隻大公猫,体积有我的三倍大,天天都來报到,一点都不怕生,到处随意走动,态度自然得好像自小在这个家長大一样!Julia 大人放饭,他有时还不屑吃哩,不知在哪吃过了。


  人家赶他,骂他,踢他,他就“啪”的一声趴在地上赖死不走,真是拿他沒办法,只好由得他了!晚上要关门了,他任由阿嫲打骂,死也不肯离开,还得劳动 Julia 大人抱他出去,好好笑!

  We've got a visitor, a big male cat who's triple the size of me! He comes everyday and walks around like he had lived here all his life! We gave him food, but sometimes it's wasted. I guess he might have eaten somewhere else!

  He loves to lie in front of the door and rushes in whenever the door is opened! He's also a bad tempered villain, roaring at me for just sniffing at him, and I returned the gesture with a slap, LOL.

  At night, he refused to leave no matter how we chased him, and just lies on the floor pretending that nothing happened. Julia had no choice but to carry him out at last!


sketched out said...

Poor Bobo, how scary. I'm glad she was able to get a good slap in though.

Faruffa said...

My dear Bobo life is much hard for females, but I can see you are strong enough.