Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

去探险啰!The Exploration!




  My favorite pastime recently is to go on a little adventure at neighbour's wasteland, it's my new recreation ground! Mom so worried that I might be swallowed by snakes hided in the bushes (her imagination go wild again), that's why I'm now locked in the house most of the time!

  Feedom! Freedom! I want freedom!

* If mom think that lock me up would make her worry less, ahem... let us see, how about getting a centipede to play with? Heehee... I found one last night!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


昨天看见一只老鼠在院子跑来跑去转圏圏,完全不怕人!当时 Bobo 也在,但她就斯斯文文的坐着,甚至老鼠跑到她面前去跟她对看,她还是一派斯文淡定,紋风不动!我才在想這是一只不会抓耗子的猫,那知今天一早她就抓了只小老鼠回来,而且还喀进肚子里去!


Monday, July 21, 2008

一年了! One Year Anniversary !

好快!当初大人为了要跟朋友和家人分享俺一些好玩好笑的点点滴滴,所以才开了這个部落格,一转眼一年就过去了!這期间还转了几次型,本来只是纯文字,有时加上相片,沒有料到后来认识了一群热情可爱兼具有无限创意的 blogger friends(从 blogging 得到的一大收获),从而演变成现在以插图为主,並尽量以双语呈现,方便這些囯內外的部落朋友阅读。但是也不能忽略一开始成立這个部落格的初衷,不管插图还是文字或图片,还是一样围绕着俺转啦!而俺也从一开始跟前跟后的小可怜,变成现在大人口中這个我行我素、目中无人、有时还会闹別扭耍性子的大顽皮蛋!

谢谢所有来拜访和留言的朋友,有了你们 blogging 变得更有趣,更好玩!

I was only a little kitty when this blog opened. Time passed pretty fast, it's been a year now and I've grown up becoming a big girl with different characteristics unique to myself. At first this blog is mainly to record my life and adventures, to share it with friends and family.

Unexpectedly, through this blog, mom and I met a lot of sweet, passionate and very talented blogger friends, this being the most tremendous gift we've gotten (and are still getting) from blogging! Thanks to all our blogger friends, you all make our blogging life more fun, more enjoyable!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

IF: Enough

"Bobo, haven't you had enough?"
"No, mom! I don't look like Peter yet, he's my hero!"

“ Bobo,妳到底晓不晓得<饱>字怎么写?”
“大人,等那一天我跟 Peter

Friday, July 18, 2008

日光浴 Sunbathing


This is my multi-purpose cloth, It's my sunbathe mat, my scratch cloth, even to vent my anger on it when I'm scolded or simply not in good mood!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

IF: Foggy

"Bobo, where are you?"

Yes! This is what Bobo would do when she's not willing to go home, she would go hiding and no matter how you call her, she wouldn't even utter a single mew.

* My original idea is to do the girl in blueish grey tone (above), then I try to add some color and pattern to the girl to see how it would turn out (right). Now I really can't decide which one is better or a more logical scene, any opinion about it?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

凤凰再现? Phoenix?

  前几天大人在 MSN 跟还在紐西兰过着背包族生涯的“为吃猫”聊天,她劈头第一句话就是,“我见到凤凰!”。大人直接的回应是,“幻觉”!



  Over MSN, mom was talking to her niece Joyce who is still experiencing her backpacker life in New Zealand. Her first word to mom was "I saw a Phoenix!". Mom's immediate response is "Illusion"!

  Joyce said that the bird was standing in the middle of the road while she was driving at 100km/hr, and flew away immediately, thus not leaving her enough time to park her car aside to snap a picture.

  This amazing creature was described to have shining blue head and the body of peacock with white wings and four very very long white tail feathers! Nobody believed her, even the local people there. They insisted that she just saw a peacock since that type of long-tailed bird doesn't exist in their country! She searched the web for the entire night to see if this amazing bird exists, but failed to find one!

  Mom did this illustration based on her sketch and description. Anyone seen birds similar to this before?

Mom was given this wonderful award from our all-time favorite illustrator, poet and philosopher, Linda of Sketchedout! Thank you so much for this, Linda. Now we have to bring this shining thing down from the shelf gingerly in order to pass it on.

The rules of accepting are as follows:-
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

We have to scroll down our favorite list to mark down the list. Oh boy! That's indeed a long list. We try not to repeat Linda's choice, so here is our list:

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Tree

This last minute illustration is my entry for Alicia Padrón's wonderful book "The Wish Trees" giveaway! The theme is 'the importance of a tree'!

Bobo 吐了!Bobo Vomited!

  今天晚上 Bobo 剛吃完饭不久,就缠着我喵呜喵呜叫!这在平時相当罕见,通常她吃饱后是不太理人的!我被她缠得受不了,心想也许是饭吃不夠,去她饭碗一看,饭还有剩呀,奇怪!而 Bobo 还继续跟在我身边喵喵叫,我仔细一看,舖在饭碗底下的报纸上完完整整的一条饭黏在一起,完全沒有消化!哎呀!原來是要跟我说她呕吐了(而且还知道要吐在报纸上让我容易清理,真乖)!

  Bobo 跟前跟后的看我把呕吐物收拾乾淨后,才开始担心是否又做错事了,呆在房门外探头探脑的不敢进来!后来看我不但沒有骂她,还抱她来东摸西摸的怕她那里不舒服,就放心的自由走动,也不叫了!不过安静不了多久,她又开始发挥她的缠功,这次真的是讨吃了!帮她换了乾淨的水和食物,看她食慾还不错,也放心了!

Soon after Bobo finished her dinner, she started to mew continuously at me! It's quite strange to me as she normally wouldn't behave this way, expecially after meal! Later on I found out that she had vomited on the newspaper under her bowl, a solid roll, not digested at all! It was only then that I knew that she was trying to tell me this!

Bobo accompanied me to do the clean up. After everything was clean, she started worrying that I might punish her for this, and didn't even dare step into my room! When she realized that I was worried about her health, patting her here and there, asking if she felt well, she went back to normal, walking around and didn't mew anymore, but only for a short moment! No doubt she is asking for food this time.
I finally felt relieved when I replaced clean water and food for her, and noticed that she still has her good appetite!

Friday, July 4, 2008

IF: Sour

No kidding! I started my first illustrator job in a publishing company and this lady happened to be the department's coordinator! If we're late for work, spent extra minutes for lunch, even if we answer a telephone call, she will deduct our salary for every minute she could find!

I did this cartoon quite sometime ago, merely for fun! There's one day May Y.C. and I talked about our good old days, she suggested that maybe I could come out an illustration of this most impressionable lady of ours! When I saw this week IF theme, she just popped out herself, so I had no choice but to dig her out and post it again!