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相亲相爱 L.O.V.E.

从一开始的畏惧到现在的相亲相爱,Bobo 可也经过了不少的心理建设呢!(其实是称她在睡觉时偷偷塞给她的啦!之前也试过一次,立刻被她发现,吓得她像跳蚤一样即时弹开!)

Bobo scared of this garfield puppet at the beginning, it's not easy to let her know that it's a good companion! (Actually it was put without her knowing! This was a second try, the first attempt she noticed it right away and hopped out immediately like a grasshopper!)

At the Ends of the Earth


Mom love the cat part most, when she saw the cat being clipped by the door, pressed by the house, she just can't stop laughing! Gosh! What a schadenfreude lady she is!

Mom is now a big fan of Konstantin.Bronzit! His works including "Switchcraft" and "Lavatory Lovestory" which nominated for the Oscar 2009 animated short film.

Monday, July 13, 2009

IF: Hollow

"Hey! Who's down there?"

Update: Replaced with a new version! The one below is the earlier version!