Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Here comes again our neighbor's beautiful cat!

We called him Mew!

He came regularly to get a breakfast treat! He love dry food!

For me, keeping a safe distance between us is essential to avoid any unnecessary provoke act!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Illustration Friday: Breakfast

"No no no! I won't share with you my breakfast anyhow, even you wait till year 2012!"

Julia: This beautiful neighbour cat came almost every morning asking for food, Bobo is okay with him, on condition that I didn't tough and play with him, or else she'll get jeolous and starts howling!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A private heater! 私人暖炉!

Bobo: Rainy day, feel a bit cold, the modem is perfect to use as a heater!
Julia: Careful Bobo, you block the air-vent, the modem going to be over-heated and explode!

Bobo: 下雨天,有点冷,这 Modem 刚好用来取暖!嗯!温热温热的,真舒服!
大人:塞住透气孔,Modem 会不会过热爆炸呀!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A page from Bobo's diary


  且听我细细道来:今天大人把吃剩的苹果核丟到院子去,我以为大人在跟我玩 'Attack' 的游戏,暗自高兴又有好东西吃了,立刻一支箭了追了过去,不料大公鸡也慢吞吞的尾随我而来,然后狠狠的朝着我的大白屁屁啄了下去,痛死了,又不敢反击,只好含着一泡眼泪逃走,大公鸡这才理所当然的享用他的战利品,还顺便招呼小母鸡来吃,继续往他山大王的霸业之路迈进!

Months ago a white stray rooster came to our house and decided that this is the home he likes to stay. He acted as he's the emperor of the yard, he nicely treated our only little hen but chased away our three little pet roosters! Today, even me, a cat, a preditor, have to admit that he's the only boss!

The story begin with mom throwing an apple-kernel to the yard, immediately I chased after it, assuming that's something delicious, never noticed that the rooster is following behind! While I sniff at the kernel, the rooster gave me a good peck on my butt! The fact is I'm a good cat, I won't attack families, thus I have no choice but to leave it to him and his darling queen!