Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bobo 吐了!Bobo Vomited!

  今天晚上 Bobo 剛吃完饭不久,就缠着我喵呜喵呜叫!这在平時相当罕见,通常她吃饱后是不太理人的!我被她缠得受不了,心想也许是饭吃不夠,去她饭碗一看,饭还有剩呀,奇怪!而 Bobo 还继续跟在我身边喵喵叫,我仔细一看,舖在饭碗底下的报纸上完完整整的一条饭黏在一起,完全沒有消化!哎呀!原來是要跟我说她呕吐了(而且还知道要吐在报纸上让我容易清理,真乖)!

  Bobo 跟前跟后的看我把呕吐物收拾乾淨后,才开始担心是否又做错事了,呆在房门外探头探脑的不敢进来!后来看我不但沒有骂她,还抱她来东摸西摸的怕她那里不舒服,就放心的自由走动,也不叫了!不过安静不了多久,她又开始发挥她的缠功,这次真的是讨吃了!帮她换了乾淨的水和食物,看她食慾还不错,也放心了!

Soon after Bobo finished her dinner, she started to mew continuously at me! It's quite strange to me as she normally wouldn't behave this way, expecially after meal! Later on I found out that she had vomited on the newspaper under her bowl, a solid roll, not digested at all! It was only then that I knew that she was trying to tell me this!

Bobo accompanied me to do the clean up. After everything was clean, she started worrying that I might punish her for this, and didn't even dare step into my room! When she realized that I was worried about her health, patting her here and there, asking if she felt well, she went back to normal, walking around and didn't mew anymore, but only for a short moment! No doubt she is asking for food this time.
I finally felt relieved when I replaced clean water and food for her, and noticed that she still has her good appetite!


Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Bobo, I am very sad you have an upset tummy, sometimes when my belly feels bad my Mom brings me grass to eat from the yard. I hope you feel better.

Peter Pepper Cat.

Bobo Cat said...

Thanks Peter Pepper Cat and Princess pepper cloud, I'm okay now and I think I have clean up all my fur ball inside my stomach! ^.^

sketched out said...

Poor little Bobo! Hairballs are nasty business.

This little simple drawing of her is just heartbreakingly, cute! I love the way you did her eyes.

Elé said...

Poor Bobo! I hope she is fine now...

ValGalArt said...

awww, poor thing! you are a good mom :)