Saturday, February 9, 2008

我的红包 My "Ang Bao"

Auntie Irene 给的红包,右边的是我的,Julia 的是那封大的
Ang Bao from Auntie Irene, the one on the right is mine, the bigger one is for Julia

  哈哈!我拿到一封真正的红包,是新加坡的 Auntie Irene 给的,好幸福呀!谢谢 Auntie Irene!
  I'm so glad to receive a real "Ang Bao" from Auntie Irene. Thank you Auntie Irene, that's so sweet of you!

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sketched out said...

I looked up ang bao and found it very interesting and so much fun to learn about your culture.

That was very nice of Auntie Irene!