Friday, February 1, 2008

The Chinese Tangerine

This is a tangerine "桔" (pronounce "ji"), a must have item for Chinese New Year. It shares the same pronunciation with the word "吉", which means "auspicious". We wish that every year comes with an auspicious beginning and the luck will continue throughout the year.
I specially dedicate this BIG "吉" to poor Sherry Rogers who's hurt her thumb. Hopefully this can console her a bit. Best Regards.

祝大家 吉祥如意,万事顺心,添寿添金,大吉大利!


sketched out said...

That's a beautiful, yummy looking tangerine!

I wish you and Bobo a very happy, lucky and auspicious new year!

Bobo Cat said...

Thank you, Linda! All the best for you and your family too.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

auspicious tangerines are also delicious!