Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Two New Tricks

Jumping through the hula hoop (click on the picture for a bigger view)

  I learnt two new tricks.
  First trick: Julia circles her arm and gets me to jump through.
  Second trick: Pretend to be shot down by her finger gun (only that my eyes are still wide open staring at the food).
  Julia is happy with my talents.
  "Bobo, you really cheer me up, I'm glad to have you here, you are such a precious gift to me." Oh! I'm touched by those wonderful words!
  So I rewarded her with a bonus trick - as she stretched out her arm, I jumped over. Treat it as a New Year bonus, Julia.
  Julia feels that I have learnt enough tricks for her to take a new video. She will put the video up soon.

  第一招,从 Julia 大人圏起的手臂穿过去。
  第二招,Julia 大人用指枪射我时假裝倒地阵亡(不过眼睛是睁大大盯着食物的)。^.^
  Julia 大人终于讲了一句窩心的话。
  “ Bobo,养到你真得很开心。”好感动...。

  所以我自己無師自通加多一招,只要 Julia 大人把手臂伸出去,我就把她的手臂当跳高的桿子跃过去,当作给她的新年花红,逗得她笑嘻嘻,心情好好。
  Julia 大人认为我已筹足戏码可以再次表演给大家看了,所以敬请期待我新的錄影。