Thursday, February 21, 2008

元宵節,情人節 Chinese Lovers' Day




  Today, the 15th day of the 1st lunar month on Chinese Calendar, is the Lantern Festival. It's also well-known as the Chinese Lovers' Day (Chinese Valentine's Day)!

  In Malaysia, we have a special festival for those who are still searching for their other half. They gather at the river bank, throw tangerines (with their name and contacts on it) into the river, and hopefully their message could go to their destined partner in life! Once again, the Chinese tangerines play a big role in this festive day!
  Learn more about this wonderful festival HERE and HERE!


Faruffa said...

Interesting this beautiful and romantic holiday of your country, and much pretty your illustration!

... new dress for the blog too!

Faruffa said...

P.S.: I hope you don't offend, I linked you in my "Amici" list :o)

Bobo said...

Faruffa, I'm honor to be in your friends' list!

sketched out said...

What a wonderful festival! I'm starting to appreciate tangerines even more than I ever did.

I love your illustration. So romantic!