Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Ungrateful Cat 忘恩负义的东西

Here comes twisted tail again! He's looking at Bobo having her dinner through the window with a scary expression.

坏坏巻尾猫又來了!看到 Bobo 正在用餐,表情有点可怖!

Alright! Give you some too!

Not enough? Okay, I'll give you some more!


Had enough? Let me pat you! Ouch! You ungrateful cat!



loni Edwards said...

I thought my kitty, Griffin, was the only one who did stuff like that ;) He is naughty too. I think Bobo and he would be great friends....well, maybe not, Griff tends to be pretty independent. I try to brush Griff, but he only lets me 3 times and then starts to play! I will take a picture sometime for you! Even ornery, Bobo still looks like a sweet kitty.

Bobo's Slave said...

Heehee, Loni, he is not Bobo but a male intruder 'Twisted Tail'. Bobo would bite me only if I make fun to her. And Bobo love to be brushed, :)

I would love to see your Griffin picture someday.

Raluca C said...

nop!how rude!!
appologies will be accepted!:)))))))