Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rebellion 叛逆

  Recently, Bobo seems to have entered her rebellious stage; When I don't let her out to play at night, or when I'm still lazing on my bed in the morning and can't be bothered to prepare her breakfast, or any little thing that she doesn't feel happy about, she throws a hell of a tantrum. She'll first maul at my chair, creating the disturbing noises. Upon seeing a reaction-less me, she'll then slam herself heavily onto the table and start sinking her teeth and paws into whatever she can find, like newspapers and her pillow. If I still act like a mannequin, she'll even brave my impending fury by clawing at my precious bed, exactly like a stubborn child!

  Then came the time when I finally can't stand it anymore, I tried to get a hold of her and scold her. However, she's long since anticipated my move and had hid at lightning speed under the bed or behind the cabinet, and no matter how I coax her, she doesn't even make a sound. Obviously a case of tasting the forbidden fruit.

  However, she thoughtfully leaves me reasons not to evict her from the house. Every time I take my keys and bag in preparation to go out, she'll mew pitifully, reluctant to leave me. Sometimes, when she knows I'm at home but for some reason, she can't find me, she'll cry pitifully too. Once, when I went to the toilet and she actually found me, in her ecstasy, she took a flying leap into by lap (normally she'll get me to hold her only when I'm on the bed). She seemed so comfortable in my lap, I really lacked the will to push her off, and in the end I had to go to the loo with a cat in my lap, it's amusing even to myself!

  Bobo 最近好像进入了叛逆期,晚上不开冂给她出去玩;早上她讨早餐吃而我还赖在床上時,或者稍不如意,她就会大发脾气!通常她会先把我的椅子爪得「刷刷」响,如果得不到应有的反应,她就会把自己重重的摔上桌,抓起桌上的东西如报纸和她的枕头等乱咬乱踹,再狠狠的跳下地,什至冒死去爪我的宝贝床,十足十一个死小孩得不到想要的东西時耍任性的模样!




ping said...

eh.. bobo... you are so smelly already!!!! don't near me next time!!!! you follow your mom sit in the toilet... XD

Bella Sinclair said...

Great story and I LOVE the illo! His face and posture say it all. Wonderful!

enigma said...

I LOVE IT!! great movement and especially the colors, i love it.

btw your bobo is so adorable, blocking the computer screen, haha, apparently she's jealous because her master spend too much time on her computer! LOL

Candace Trew Camling said...

absolutely adorable!

Ginger*:)* said...

A wonderful pose.... even if spoiled like a child this is a precious animal.

The action in this illustration is wonderful.

Faruffa said...

This is illo is terrific !
(...hormones, I think)

sketched out said...

Great action and attitude in this drawing. You can really feel all the emotion that's going on there.

Joey went through a rebellious phase and was doing a lot of the same things you described. He finally got over it when I got Iggy. Of course, now poor little Iggy gets the full force of his attitude.

Kitties, eh? They're handful, but we love them. Love the story and the drawing!

Tammie Lee said...

Cats are quite amazing, eh!
Your art of this new behavior is really fun. What a wild one Bobo can be!

Raluca C said...

you know,the impossible situations in life shal be treated with humor:))!!
You seem to do it in this way:)LOL!!