Friday, April 4, 2008

A Gift 來自美囯的礼物

(Click to enlarge).

  I received this wonderful gift from our multi-talented Roberta Baird. Isn't it cute?
  "What's this, for Bobo to eat?" Grandma ask.
  Don't worry Roberta, this is not going to happen, heheeheee.
  If you like it too, there's a lot of lovely stuff in her Piccolo Bella Store, please pay it a visit.

  今天收到一份小礼物,來自多才多艺的 Roberta Baird,可爱罷!
  “这是什么東西?给 Bobo 吃的吗?”阿嫲问。


sketched out said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing your new toy with us, Bobo!

rbaird said...

I'm so glad that you.. and Bobo like it. It was my pleasure to send it to you!

Morning Artist said...

So so cute, I love it! :)

Diana Evans said...

oh how sweet got your mouse from Roberta...

thanks for popping by...


rizal said...

cool cute toy. i should have that for my blakie. but my blakie is just this lazy type..hehehe

ohhh speaking of your homeage.. i ve seen an illustrator doing this week theme IF - Save ..a pledge for saving animal. i think i am going to do the same concept too.. hoping to spread the cause to the reader..

check this out - the pledge

Faruffa said...

So cute!!!!
Please Bobo don't eat him