Sunday, April 13, 2008

Evil Hunter 猎神

  Yesterday I caught a skink and a bird, both rescued from my torturing paws. Mom got the skink and Grandpa saved the bird. Yesterday, Mom panicked, and being too busy rescuing the skink, left the camera forgotten. So today I gave her a second chance. See, I caught a skink again! I found this stupid thing roaming around the kitchen, and chased it into the yard. This time, Mom managed to capture a few pictures. What happened to the poor skink? It vanished into the bushes!. T.T



Kate said...

Hee hee....Bobo looks so cute in this photo!

sketched out said...

Hee hee. Bobo, you and Iggy are almost the same kitty. Last night I found a tailess lizard in our bedroom, pretending to be dead. I'm happy to report he was rescued and living the rest of his days outside.

Bobo you are just so photogenic. Such a sweetie.

Ginger*:)* said...

Ah Bobo, once our children had a gecko. The gecko decided cages were not to his liking so he crept out and made a home in one of their bedrooms. We have no idea what he was eating to live, but he was in fine health when we found him months later.