Saturday, March 29, 2008

Imagine if the Victim is YOU. HELP STOP IT!!! 请救救他们!!!

Be warned, the footages contain graphic images that some may find disturbing.

  This is the most cruel thing I have ever seen! My tears burst their banks when I saw this, how can such a developed country commit sins like these?! It greatly angers me to see animals being treated this way. Isn't it against the law of "Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals"? Where has the law gone? Is it being used to wipe your ass? This is a government that eats "shhhxxxt"!

  Forgive me, I really feel like using swear words. I never used strong words in my blog, however this terrible incident makes me extremely mad. How can anyone perform such inhuman acts? Innocent animals are being killed and tortured in a Satanic way, without even a blink of the eye, a twinge of conscience...

  Imagine, if you are the victim. Imagine, the excruciating pain shooting like an arrow through your brain. Imagine, taking agonizing, ragged breaths while waiting for the world around you to fade, for your pain and something else inside you, to stop throbbing.

  I believe most Canadians shudder at the sight of this horrifying act as well, and I urge you, please put pressure on your government to stop these crimes.

  这是我见过最殘忍的事,一个如加拿大如此的先进囯也可通过这种殘杀法令,你们的防止虐待待动物法哪去了???拿來抺大便用的???一个吃 "shhhxxxt" 的政府!原谅我,我真的很想骂粗话!



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rizal said...

ohhhh.. i dont even have a heart to push the play button. I think i ve seen this before on tv news. This is extremely terrible. It does make my heart sad and heavy. :(

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

This is bad!真殘暴! What a Shame.. those butcher..

sketched out said...

Thanks for your thoughtful, passionate post. It's good to be made aware of these horrors, even if it's "an inconvenient truth."

However, the issue is a complicated one. Seal killing is not a sport. It is a hunt, a hunt for their fur. But I understand the argument about making a living is bogus, because seal skins are just a very small part of the hunter's income.

It also involves fisherman. They do what's called "culling" to keep the seal population down, because they claim the seals compete for the fish. The fisherman are a strong lobby and seem to be winning this argument.

This is all true in Canada, but takes place in other countries as well.

But whatever you call it, sport, hunt, culling, it is outrageously inhumane... an atrocity! There is no reason on earth to kill them so cruelly. There's no good reason to kill them at all. It's one more reason not to buy fur and to also be careful where the fish you buy comes from. Much like making sure to buy only "Dolphin Safe" tuna. Dolphins, yet another animal treated cruelly due to human hubris.

Here are a few links I just found that may give some more info:

Thanks again for your thoughtful post. Nothing like a little outrage to start your week.

Bobo Cat said...

馮先生,Mayy, Rizal, thanks for your visit, please help to pass on the message of stop the barbaric kill.

Linda, thanks so much for all the details, it's very thoughtful of you. I did some study before I put up this post, and I can't accept any excuse to kill the innocent animal this satanic way. Thanks for the links, I can't imagine why there's people who support these savage behavior!

janie said...

It is horrific, as you say there is no justification, if they really need to be culled, which I don't agree with, why is it done in such a brutal way? Unbelievable and unforgivable.

Kate said...

Seals are food for killer whales and other sharks and animals - which i cannot watch, either.

I cannot watch the video - I have seen this cruelty before - 25 years ago even - and I do not understand why it is still a practice today. People like this are sickos.