Sunday, March 23, 2008


Me and my new buddy.

Good good!

Aaaah! What a good sleep!


johanna said...

what an adorable cat! we have some cats here too. their favorite place is outside the studio window.

eslina said...

gosh! Bobo is soo cute and smart!! I don't think I can ever train Ocean to do those tricks you taught Bobo :( Love your blog! So fun and very beautiful illustrations! :D

sketched out said...

Hee heee hee, it cracks me up that Bobo sleeps using a pillow. It's so cute, it almost hurts.

mishka said...

Wow. I just watched your movie. And I thought Char was doing well shaking for treats. I am going to see if I can get him to roll over as well. Bobo is a smart cat!

rbaird said...

That's one big yawn!
I'm sure Bobo would enjoy one of my little mice I'd be happy to send one to him from my blog give away!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Hello Julia and Bobo! We voted and we think that Bobo is the smarted cat of all! We love to watch her tricks, all Julia has to do now is train her to earn a paycheck!

Bobo's Slave said...

Thanks all for thinking Bobo is a smart cat, but I still can't get her to do the fetch trick like what Peter did for Pepper. Any idea how to train her to do this?