Thursday, March 6, 2008

About me 自我大揭密

I've been tagged by my amici Faruffando, to reveal 6 things about myself, then tag six more people.

  1. Well, I was a stray before I met Julia, I treat her as my mom now, though she insists that she's my humble slave.

  2. My favorite food is fish, fish and still fish, and I prefer dried fish than fresh ones.

  3. The thing that I hate most is the giant monster called the vacuum cleaner. I never dared to step into the room if that thing is still inside, roaring loudly or even when it's resting on the floor.
    "Let me take care of this monster for you!" Seeing me cringing behind the wall, my mom will then become my heroine and pack it up.

  4. My favorite game is hide and seek. Whenever I've the mood to play, I'll jump high and low, tickle my mom's legs, to get her attention. She'll then chase me all around the house. Then the game starts, I'll hide under the chair, behind the curtain... Once she's gone past my hiding place without being able to find me, I'll jump out to attack her. This time, she'll be the runner and I'm the chaser. If she hides, I can definitely find her and give her a good bite until she says these words, "you win, you win!" And the game starts all over again.

  5. I proclaim myself as a professional lizard hunter. There's barely a lizard in our house now, I guess most of them know that this is not a safe place for them anymore. I like to chase the chickens in our yard too, but sometimes I get punished for this.

  6. The saddest thing is... I'm spayed, I can never become a mother.
Sorry to say that I'm not a curious kitty, so I'm just stop right here without tagging any other bloggers.


  1. 在遇到 Julia 大人之前,我其实是只流浪猫。现在我已经把她当作我最亲爱的妈咪了,但她总是自封为我的奴隶。

  2. 我最爱的食物当然是魚啰。但是比起新鮮魚,我还比较徧好小魚乾。

  3. 我最讨厌一种叫吸塵器的怪物,只要有它在的地方,不管是在怪声吼叫还是静止不动休息中,我都只会瑟縮一旁沒胆走前去。这时 Julia 大人就会摇身一变成为女英雄,“別怕別怕!我來幇妳收拾这只怪物”。

  4. 我最愛躲貓貓﹗我最愛乘 Julia 大人不留意時撲前去抓抓撩撩﹐她就会开始跟我玩你追我跑的游戏。这时我会飛快的躲起來以乘她不備时跳出來攻击她。Julia 知道我愛玩﹐常常也會躲在隱密處﹐這時候如果我先發現她﹐我就會發動攻擊﹐如果被她佔了先機﹐我就逃命去也。Julia 有時很奸詐﹐明明是我先發現她的﹐她却不逃﹐反而跟我對打﹐這時我怎可以認輸﹐非又抓又咬的直到她喊痛投降為止。

  5. 我是本领高强的壁虎煞星,所以现在家里难得找到一只壁虎的,它们大概知道此地非停留之地罢!我也很爱在园子里追鸡玩,闹得它们乱飞乱跳,怪声大叫。不过这可会遭來处罚的。

  6. 最悲伤的莫过于我已动了节育手术,永远当不成妈妈了!


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Faruffa said...

Ciao Bobo, I am so glad to know you a little bit better!
Vacuum cleaner illo is very very amusing.

sketched out said...

Glad to know you better Bobo. My little Iggy, who looks a lot like you, is also a great lizard hunter. Maybe you are long lost sisters.