Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Artificial flavor

大人:“Bobo 妳看,鸡肉口味的泡面,很香呢!妳要不要吃一点试试味道?”

Bobo :“老天,大白鸡被煲成鸡湯了!”


Julia: "Bobo, smell good isn't it? It's chicken flavor,you want some?"

Bobo: "OMG! Somebody made chicken soup out of the big white rooster! Oh Noooooooooo..."

Julia: "Calm down Bobo, just artificial flavor, not real chicken soup!"


studio lolo said...

Bobo, it's so nice to see you at Studio Lolo today!!

I think your neighbor's cat is a girl. Maybe that's why you get along ;P

Don't eat any of that artificial chicken soup!!!

say hello to Julia for me ;)♥

roberta baird said...

Cute Julia! Give big hugs to Bobo for me!

Caroline said...

I love Bobo! So, the cockerel lives to see another day! This is a lovely illustration!

happy chinchilla said...

Wonderful story. Bobo is so cute.

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

very creative and pretty artwork posted here again.
I really admire your talent..
不愧是大師姐!draw more!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic