Tuesday, October 14, 2008




As you all can see, keyboard is quite good to be used as a pillow! Besides the perfect height, it also provided a massage function when we sleep, that help us to grow healthier and smarter! It would be perfect if it won't produce weird sound when certain keys are pressed! How about my little bed and pillow? I got bored of them long long time ago!

Actually, I use mom as my bed most of the time, she's my all time favorite!


yoon see said...

Bobo is just so clever and cute.
Sweet dream yeah:)

sketched out said...

Heee heee, Bobo! Look at your little cute, pink feetsies! Yep, you're just like my kids, they love the lap/keyboard combinations for sleeping.

Cheers, sweet kitty.

Loni Edwards said...

Oh Bobo is such an adorable kitty!

Pea said...

So sweeet !!!

Dot said...

so funny!