Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Make My Day

Julia was amazed at getting the “You Make My Day” award from the very talented Linda. I'm honoured to receive this award on her behalf.

Here are the rules for “You Make My Day” award works:
  1. Write a post with links to five blogs that make your day or make you think.
  2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
  3. Display the “You Make My Day” link to the post. (optional)
  4. Tell the blog winners that they have won by commenting on their blog.
She has chosen the following talented and creative bloggers for their passionate, fun and lovable content, adorable sketches and illustration.

  • May 五月媽媽
  • Ginger Pixels
  • Kathleen Rietz
  • Pepper Cats
  • Sketched Out (Well, she insisted to put you in.)
  • Dreamapet 海之音の宠物乐园 for her sweet writing about her pet kitty and her two dogs.

  • She knows some of you must have received this before, and maybe it's time to start counting how many awards you have received, heeheee...

    Julia: And thanks Bobo for making me smile all day long.


    Zari said...

    congrats for the and bobo really deserve the best! btw...your banner made my day ;)...bobo looks so cute and's amazing!

    sketched out said...

    Thanks Bobo. You're such a good kitty. Thank Julia for me too! I am very honored and flattered.

    Kate said...

    Aww...thanks Bobo!! I am honored! You make my day, too!

    Princess Pepper Cloud said...

    Congratulations on your award (Bobo)! I think Bobo is a genius too! It's amazing all of the tricks Bobo will do, I think Peter needs more training. I will proudly display the award on my blog.
    *Meow and Purr*

    MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

    I am awarded?? Wow, Terima-kasih..
    You too make my day!Thanks for your vote. I am very honored!