Monday, December 3, 2007

IF-an Amazing Coincidence

May suggest me to enter my art-piece to Illustration Friday, so I visited the site. I saw a cute cat thumbnail (I can never resist a cat), I clicked in and found a great illustrator, Kathleen Rietz, and ended up sitting there reading her post. Later-on I found that I got new comments in my blog, and guess what, one of them is her, Kathleen Rietz. I am so happy to get a lovely comment from a great illustrator like her, thank you thank you very much, I feel great!

Thanks Nicole for being my first IF visitor and your wonderful comment, and Helen, so sweet for you to say that! I am so happy to read all this comments!

Lastly, May, it's really a good suggestion to join IF, feel good, many many thanks!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Thank you Bobo! You are too kind! I hope to see more of your illustrations on Illustration Friday!