Monday, October 8, 2007


  “咪你沦落到要做 waiter 呀!”

  啧啧!做艺人好了不起唷!憑什么人家正正当当的一个职业要被讲成是在沦落呢?!艺人比侍应生高尚嗎?是谁定的标准?Bobo 我对這句話颇有意见吔!诸位当侍应生的大哥大姐们,大家要起來抗议呀!

  佛曰: 众生皆平等~阿弥陀佛~~善哉~善哉~~~

P/S: 大家试用“沦落”來造句罢~我先來一个:

沦落--Julia 收养流浪猫,結果沦落成了猫奴!


May the Blogie-Talkie said...

yar,,, I support you "抗议!抗议!"

May the Blogie-Talkie said...

ooii, your blog nice or,, no update about you mer?

Bobo said...

thank you, thank you! for ur support and praise, love to hear that~~厚脸皮~ho~ho~ho~ :-)

want me to talk about who? me or Julia?

me still keep torturing my slave-Julia lar... i don't allow her to rest unless all my need fulfil! she need to feed me, play with me, pampers me, do the clean up.....
she pity not? she love to be tortured~~~she only get mad when i trod on her keyboard... and her words lost, computer shut down, weird sound coming out...

about julia? mm... really nothing to talk about her la... she still looking for more freelancing job lor~~~ meanwhile giving maths tuition to a standard five boy, managed to get his score improved from 30% to 89%, quiet impressive?! haiz~ the boy made her crazy too, not so intelligent some more very lazy, always made her 七竅生煙...狂生白髪...hahaha~~~

is this answer ur question? :-)