Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The suspect!

This is an inference picture! After a two days vacation before Christmas, I noticed that my curtain have two scratches added on it! Who did that? When I checked on Bobo, two furless spots found! Poor Bobo, obviously she had been bullied by the jealous male orange cat who came every night! Now, I got the suspect, what I can do further? "Nothing"! :>

Here's the orange cat, still came every night, sitting outside the window, asking for food, asking to be stroked! Sometimes I feel that he love me more than Bobo do! :(

Bobo brushing her body comfortably before he jumped up slapping on her! Since then, I won't allow him to enter my room!

Bobo afraid of him, yet like to peep at him!


Gai said...

just gorgeous illo and antics.

Caroline said...

Love the story and your illustration! He's quite a handsome cat so can see why Bobo is peeping!