Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A letter to Bobo

Dearest Bobo,

I know that you love to play outside; I know that you don't like to be locked up in the house; I know that the outside world is exciting and filled with temptation; I know all that and I'm sorry but I have no choice but to keep you in the house; it's your safety I'm concerned with!

We live in an unpredictable world with busy traffic, wild dogs, harmful reptiles and poisoned food! I've lost many of your seniors due to these reasons! You're always at my side, watching me cry badly when something happened to our fellow bloggers' pet -- that's the moment I remembered all my beloved in heaven, and then I will give you a big hug whether you like it or not, thank you so much for your company.

You should know by now how much I love you and how anxious I am when thinking of the probability of losing you, and I'm not going to repeat my mistakes with your seniors! Please be a good girl and make me less worried, for goodness sake at least you could help in reducing my grey hair!

An anxious slave of yours

亲爱的 Bobo,



爱妳的大人 书


atomicvelvetsigh said...

aww.. this is so cute! c'mon bobo dont go wander about alone outside ok..


bonaska said...

Very nice and romance! Really you show how much that little girl loves his cat!


krisztina maros said...

oh, yes! we love them on our own way... but i'm sure, Bobo understands every words! :) very nice illo!

Mônica said...

Oh, sweet Bobo, listen to your friend who loves you so much and don't wander outside. I'm sure you have plenty of fun toys and interesting places to play indoors. We all want you safe and sound! :-)

sketched out said...

Awww, Bobo, you are such a lucky kitty to have such a loving slave/mom. It may not seem like it when she won't let you out, but she doesn't want you using up all nine of your lives too soon!

Julia, such a heartfelt, sweet little drawing. I love the sepia tones and the expressions. I totally know where you're coming from.

Faruffa said...

Bellissimo :o)
What a poignant and sweet message!!!

Roberta said...

Bobo is a very lucky cat.
Hugs to you, Julia and Bobo!

Gai said...

I am wondering what Bobo's reply will be. Maybe he sleeps and dreams the memory of being outside knowing he is safe inside with you. I love your style.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Julia thank you for being patient with Bobo. She is lucky to have you for her Mama. Our neighbors cat was just killed and the whole neighborhood is grieving because we loved her so much. Her name was skittles and she had so much spunk and spirit. Peter and Dahlia have never been outside except when I found them in the bushes when they were kittens, but Prancer he is such a whiner if he can not go out! When we adopted him, he was already acomstomed to the outdoors. We proud owners (slaves) of a Cat-on-a-leash!!! We use a harness for him and a leash so he can enjoy the outdoors.

studio lolo said...

My cat Bliss is totally indoors too, and we live in a tiny place. She's very happy! She sits in various windows and breathes in the frsh air. I think her street life was so hard before we rescued her, she doesn't even try to go out the door even if we hold it open! Bobo is lucky to have a loving, safety-conscious mom!
Lovely drawing Julia...sweet and tender.
(Have a look at my last Animal Wednesday!)

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

To you Bobo
To Us, AhBOy, mother spirits

Emily said...

so sweet Julia! I know how kitties can yearn for that great outdoors!

erin said...

sniff, that was so sweet I had to go hug my kitty.