Sunday, December 14, 2008

Guest 小贵客

  前几天家里来了一位小客人,小马脸猫 Mandy!Uncle Glenn 去旅行,所以把她托给我们照顾。





大人说:小猫超粘人,跟前跟后粘答答!我走她跟着走,我坐她就跳上来要抱。可怜的 Bobo 只能远远的用哀怨的眼神望着我们。看看不忍心,就暂时把小猫关到房门外,让 Bobo 进来,摸摸她,她居然开始伊伊呜呜的发起牢骚来,好像受了多大委屈似的,爆笑!

A guest arrived at our house a few days ago, tiny 'horse'-faced kitten, Mandy! Uncle Glenn and his family had gone on holiday, so we were in charge of taking care of her for the time being.

As soon as she arrived here, she began unabashedly eating my food, drinking from my water bowl, using my litter box, and sleeping at all my usual haunts. Even more atrocious was that she even took over Mom! I really couldn't tolerate it anymore, thus I decided to declare my sovereignty, return Mom to me, rawr!

Okay, as everyone knows, I'm a known coward, in truth, I was frightened of her! Even though she was just a tiny thing, I only dared to unleash my wrath at a distance. Hee! And that's still after slight editting of what I really mean, the situation was really closer to me warning Mandy with a low, trembling growl of sorts. =.=|||

What's worse is that you can't leave your eyes off this little kittens at any point in time, a little bit less cautious and she's there clinging onto my tail, giving me quite a fright. At feeding time, she quickly finished her share and lusting after mine, she started to pull all irritating tricks she knew on me, playing with my tail and stuff. In the end, I couldn't even eat properly, having to turn my head and snap every 2 seconds, what an irritating runt!

Luckily she was brought home by her Dad after a few days. Phew! I can finally go back to my peaceful life now, bye, runt!

Julia says: The little kitten followed me everywhere, and when I sat down, she immediately leapt onto my lap. Poor Bobo could only stare wistfully from far away. Once when I couldn't bear her look any longer, I locked Mandy outside for a while, and focused my attention on Bobo. Unexpectedly, she started whining her woes at me, imagine that!

来听听 Bobo 对 Mandy 发出的欢迎声罢!
Let's hear the welcome sound from Bobo to Mandy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A boring cat's story (IF: Balloon)

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